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Renewable Energy - The Infinite Power of Texas



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TEACHER PACKS - Bundled Lesson Plans, Fact Sheets, and Video (or link here to download)
Elementary School Teacher Pack  (3rd grade level)
Middle School Teacher Pack  (6th grade level)
High School Teacher Pack  (9th grade level)
EDUCATIONAL VIDEO (available only by ordering)
Renewable Energy - The Infinite Power of Texas, a short video narrated by Dan Rather
FACT SHEETS FOR CHILDREN  (or link here to download)
Renewable Energy and Sustainability
The Advantages of Using Renewable Energy
Using Energy Wisely
Renewable Energy for the Home
Heat from the Sun
Electricity from the Sun
Solar and Electric Cars
FACT SHEETS FOR ADULTS  (or link here to download)
Renewable Energy Resources for Texas
Renewable Energy and Your Electric Utility
Environmental Pollutants from Electricity Production
Energy Conservation in the Home
Rural Renewable Applications
Renewable Energy Guide for Builders
Solar Electric - Photovoltaics
Solar Electricity Works for Texas
Introduction to Photovoltaic Systems
Estimating PV System Size and Cost
Solar Thermal - Water Heating
Solar Water Heaters
Solar Water Heaters for Swimming Pools
Solar - Passive Design
Passive Solar Design for the Home
Wind Energy
Wind Power Basics
Roping the Texas Breezes
Biomass Energy
Biomass: Nature's Most Flexible Energy Resource
Clean Energy from Texas Landfills
Geothermal Energy
Ground Coupled Heat Pumps


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